Tom Majewski – Caroline County Community Recovery Program

Tom Majewski - Caroline County Community Recovery Program

Tom Majewski – Caroline County Community Recovery Program

Tom has 45 years sobriety and has been committed to helping other alcoholics throughout the entire period.  After completing the Alcoholic Treatment Program at Caron Foundation in Wernersville PA, he was Manager of the Sobriety halfway house in Pittsburgh PA.  From there he joined the staff of Serenity Farms, a recovery center in Hickory PA as an Addiction Psychologist Intern.  During his time there he worked with St. Francis Medical Center, Mayview Psychiatric Center, and Gateway Rehabilitation Center, all in Pittsburgh, PA.  He relocated to Virginia to help establish a family-operated riding stable and horse-breeding farm.  Subsequently he married, has two children, and completed a successful career as a Systems Engineer for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.  He continued work within the AA Treatment Service Structure in Northern Virginia and then relocated to Fredericksburg VA where he has been instrumental in the workings of AA District 30 Treatment Committees.  He was asked to help at the Caroline Recovery Center in Bowling Green, VA and completed Peer Recovery Coach training at The McShin Foundation, Richmond December 2016.  He is an avid horseman and artist and remains active in both areas.

Laney Walton – Caroline County Community Recovery Program

Erin “Laney” Walton - Caroline County Community Recovery Program

Erin “Laney” Walton – Caroline County Community Recovery Program

Erin “Laney” Walton comes from a military family who moved all around the U.S. but eventually settled in Fairfax, Virginia where she spent most of her formative years. Laney was a premier athlete in collegiate gymnastics, winning a full scholarship to several schools and achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education along the way. In 2010, she received her certifications as a paralegal and notary public and began working for a well-respected law firm in Fredericksburg, Virginia. In 2013, Laney began work as a Case Manager for the Fredericksburg area Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), where she managed the volunteer case workers assigned to watch out for the interests of at-risk children involved in the court system.

Laney is currently a small business owner who regularly works with people of all stripes in managing their life challenges and wellness. She has been sober and active in the Twelve Steps since March of 2004, has hosted and attended many study groups and conferences, has a long-term sponsor, and has herself sponsored many women over the years


Timothy Holzer – Associate Director Caroline County Recovery Program


Tim Holzer – Associate Director Caroline County Recovery Program

Timothy was born and raised in New Jersey and had struggled with addiction since childhood. In using drugs and alcohol at an early age, he graduated to much more dangerous substances at age 16. After multiple programs, rehabs, and arrests, Timothy knew he needed to try something different. In December of 2014, Timothy moved from New York to Caroline County, VA to be with his family and enter recovery again. Changing his geographical location did not solve his Substance Use Disorder. On October 12th, 2015, he entered the Caroline County Recovery Community Program, which is managed by McShin. When he enrolled, he began to dedicate all his free time to volunteer for the organization. In May of 2016, he was hired as a Peer Leader to help other participants in the program. He has since been promoted to Associate Director of the Caroline County Recovery Community Program. Timothy has been in recovery since April 9th, 2015, and he maintains his recovery by working a 12-step program.